Heath Brunner owner and founder of Vmax Records started Vmax in December of 1993 with its first release V1000. Artist, producer, Heath Brunner uses a number of alias for different sonic expressions. Heath Brunner is for techno flavored works. Silicon is the electro alias. H&S is for techno/electro/house live PAs. Septic Shock is for the darker industrial projects. Vmax has always been about the underground and has never been found to overly promote. Vmax is truly for the ones that know. To keep with this ideology, Vmax will release some digital works at no charge. like the early 80's punk rock shows, (bring a can of food, get in for free). All Vmax asks is that props are given were props are deserved. All works are copyrighted, so please respect this.

RIP: Ron Murphy - March 3, 1948 - Jaruary 12, 2008

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