A.K.A. Heath Brunner / Silicon / H&S

Tim Barr defined Vmax in Mixmag as everything from "sub-Mills minimalism to weird-out abstract experimentalism." As labels seek to narrow down the scope of musical genre, Vmax strives to expand the boundaries.

The brainchild of recording artist Silicon, Vmax debuted in 1993. The genetic offspring of a tried and true rock n' roll promoter, Silicon, also known as Heath Brunner, was introduced to the music industry as a young child. Soaking up the sounds around him, he fell in love with movie soundtracks from Tangerine Dream and others of that time. In 1980, he discovered the darker sound of the synthesizer and groups, like Soviet France and Throbbing Gristle, ect. By 1989, Brunner had stumbled upon DJing and began to gather an impressive collection, backboned by a collage of Detroit techno artists and Eurodance of the time.

Inspired to make original sounds, Brunner formed Vmax out of Lansing Michigan. The label was conceived as forum for artists who had the keen desire to get their sound down on wax. The bulk of Vmax releases have been engineered and originated by Heath Brunner a.k.a Silicon.

Vmax relocated from Lansing to Detroit in 1997. With the move, Brunner found a wealth of experienced mentors. He gained hands-on access to the processes of Detroit-style music from the interior industry, heading up Record Time Distribution and then working for legendary Sound Enterprises and mastering guru Ron Murphy. "Ron Murphy is the cornerstone of Detroit music, in my opinion and I don't think I'd ever pay to have someone else cut my record," says DJ Alan Oldham. Brunner developed his understanding of the inner-workings of vinyl technology working closely with Murphy. For those who know, Brunner was also found working at Submerge in the shop, mailing department and doing odd jobs. Brunner had benefits of working with the best and his experience only enriched his drive. Look for his projects on NSC, Frustrated Funk, Frantic Flowers, KMS, and others.

Building off inspiration from his mentors, like Murphy, and labels such as KMS, Metroplex, Underground Resistance and Industrial Records, Vmax has evolved from a tentative small-town invention to buzz across the international underground, consistently performing well in Underground scale charts with the arsenal of EPs that have been released from his label.

Not limited by sound scope of a particular genre, Brunner says Vmax is constantly striving to provoke individual emotion in listeners through sonic electric transmission. Watch as Vmax climbs out and up the infinite sound development line that is electro, that is techno and that is unnamed and yet to be invented.

Some of the other labels Silicon has done releases for : KMS, NSC, Frustrated Funk, Frantic Flowers, Remix for Marco Bernardi on Soma, Mass Transit, and Sarotonin, Undersound Recordings.